As you can send your photos on-line
It is important to do before you can post your photos
Es importante que lo haga antes de enviar sus fotos

The legal representatives of one or more campsites are registered in the form "Outstanding" or "VIC (Very Important Campsite)" have the right to publish up to four photos of each camp released in our guide.

Photographs preferably must be formatted 'JPG' and a maximum size of 388 pixels wide by 279 high and 72 pixels per inch resolution.

If your pictures have these characteristics you can send them from your computer, very easily and at no cost.

First read the 'conditions' to be able to decide the system you most want to send your photos.
If you want to send from your computer, you will want to name your files first as follows:
When you are discharged a campsite, are automatically assigned a reference number ("Go Camping") that will name the files containing the photographs of the campsite.

For example, if the reference to the campsite which is discharged from '197 'and wants to include four photographs of the campsite, to appoint these files 0197A.jpg the first picture, 0197B.jpg the second, third 0197C.jpg and 0197D.jpg fourth. The name of each file must contain four numbers and one letter, add zeros to the left of your "Id camping" if necessary to complete the four figures.
In the event that your photos do not meet these conditions should be treated for publication on the web and if you have no means or knowledge to perform this operation, you can send your photos by e-mail, indicating the reference number your campsite, so we perform the necessary treatment and introduce into the page for your campsite. This operation has no cost.
In both cases you can send them through the method that suits you.
If you have pictures on paper and has no means to convert a file, you can submit them by E-mail or by mail to:
Sogesnet C. B.
c / Cañada Real No 6
28,400 Collado Villalba (Madrid).

If you want to change 2 photos, for example, be appointed 0197 (A, B, C, or D according to the place of each photo you want to change). Jpg. It would be quite correct name as 0197C.jpg the first photo and 0197D.jpg the second, always looking for from the boxes that suggest the same name of the photos you want to change.

Once done, you can send your photos easily by clik on "Browse" and select your file to the location where you saved it (hard disk drive a:, etc.)..
Remember, both at discharge for a campsite as the option to upgrade camping, you can assign a text that will appear at the bottom of each picture.

You should put your data in the return address and write back of the photo reference number of the campsite where they belong.
The reference number can you see it on the page for your campsite ("Id Camping").

To send photos by e-mail, it is not necessary that you follow the steps above. Simply send us an E-mail containing the files, using our email link on the main page or by clicking here. No olvide consignar el nombre de su Camping.

If you did not name the pictures in the manner described above, must indicate in the e-mail, the reference number of the campsite from which these photos as well as the order in which you want to appear. It is also imperative to give us your user name or the name of the campsite, so we can verify that the names of the photographs are well assigned.