Exclusive panel of INSCRIPTION for proprietor or legal representative of campsites
Data for identification of the propietary company.
Indicate the data that are asked for to him next (the essential data are indicated with an asterisk)
*Name of the company. In its defect full name of the person in charge or proprietor.
*Postal code
*Province To select province.
Country To select country.

IF YOUR CAMPING because of any offer or promotion advertised is already in our Guide provisionally, shall include the identification number of your campsite in the box below.

Id. camping. Commit only if your campsite is already announced in our guide.
Data to contact.
*Person contact
Web page (1) To include the complete URL like: 
Another telephone
User and password.
In this section You it must assign to a name of user and a password that will be required when it wishes him to register a camping or to update its data, as well as to accede to our forums.
*User Puede utilizar hasta 25 carásteres (letras o números)
*Password It can use up to 25 characters (letters or numbers) 
*Password Password repeats.
Modality of inscription.

Select the inscription modality that agrees to him more. In order to know in detail the characteristics each modality it makes clik in more details.

We have the vocation of being the Spanish guide of camping that better and more customized service offers to him, to the economic price. Our success depends on You If it selects, "the Prominent modality or "VIC (Very Important Campsite), campsites that You registers in our guide will be prominent of very special way and will have contributed to that our guide can offer every day a better service to him.

*Modality of inscription.
Tariffs (IVA included)
65 € a year + Taxes
  125 € a year + Taxes
VIC Mode
  200 € a year + Taxes
In order to change of single modality it must send an email or bién to call to the TF: 918511299 or 686297114 to communicate it to us.
Preferences in the payment modality.

The payments are made per advance annual period. There is a maximum period of 30 days from registration, to pay the amount of your annual fee.

Select the square with the option that interests to him more . If You it wishes that we put ourselves in contact with You to decide some modality special payment, it will have to select to the square "Another Modality". .

Entrance or transference ->
At any branch of SANTANDER Bank or from your own Bank
JOSE LUIS REY GONZÁLEZ NIF: 02063586A(like propietary society of
ES30 - 0049 - 0679 - 40 - 2790465942
Receipt that will turn José Luis Rey González NIF: 2063586A to the detailed account the right . (Recommended)-------------->
Banking data.
Account Name
Bank Name
Place           Province
Bank Office CD Num.
IBAN is not necessary, it is automatically calculated.
Aanother modality --------->
Deseo que se pongan en contacto conmigo para acordar otra modalidad de pago diferente.
Another options.
JOSE LUIS REY GONZÁLEZ NIF: 2063586A. propietary society of guarantees that the data detailed here will not be sold nor yielded to third, and single they will be used to send information relative to this Web, whenever You it has asked for marking it the corresponding square.
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