Types of inscription: Standard, Outstanding and VIC (Very Important Campsite)

There are three modalities of inscription in a way in which any camp site could appear in our guide, of the way that better adapts to its necessities.

If you are going to register as the owner or the responsible of camp sites, you will have to select in the option "Registration" the modality in which you are more interested.

Each modality of inscription offers some kind of advantages that are detailed next.

STANDARD Inscription
65 € a year

* It will have a name of user and a key of access that will allow him to register and to announce one or more camp sites of its own in our guide.

* You will be able to update whenever you want from its computer any data referred to your camp site, precise prices, supplies, dates in which one is open and the description of your camp site as well as of its surroundings that you will be able to make in a very simple way.

* The visitors of our guide will be able to see in the individual page of your camp site, all data related to their prices, location and description. Also they will be able to know all the services that your camp site can offer to you.

* The telephone of your camping, so as your mailing addressl and geographical location, will be to disposition to the campers who are visiting our guide.

125 € a year

You will have the right to all the advantages of the STANDARD inscription and furthermore:

* You will be able to include directly from your computer till four photos of each one of your camp sites, which will appear in each individual page of our guide.

* In each individual page of your camp site, or campings will appear in connection with electronic mail from which our visitors can keep in touch with you to make a reservation, or any consult.

* The model of individual page of camp sites outstanding, will be emphasized so that he is but showy and attractive for the campers who visit to us.

This can be but a much cheap alternative for You who the creation of an own page Web, since in addition it will not have to devise complicated systems of publicity to attract visitors his Web.

VIC (Very Important Campsite) Inscription
200 € a year

You will have the right to all the advantages of the STANDARD and OUTSTANDING inscription and furthermore:

* The individual page for each of their campsites, you will see a link to your Web page, which our campers visitor may view the website or websites all have announced campigs in our guide.

* The model of individual page of campsites VIC, is highlighted in a special way.

* You will have discounts of 50% on direct advertising in guiadelcamping.info.

Important Note. - We want that the denomination of Camp site VIC is a guarantee for the users of our guide, the reason why the reception of complaints on the part of the users of our guide, with respect to deficiencies in the facilities or a deficient service, will give rise to the automatic exclusion of any camp site of this category. In this case the paid quota would be given back to him, but it is pointed out that this decision is incumbent on exclusively to the direction of www.guiadelcamping.info

* The detailed prices do not include IVA.